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Our number 1 room gift are the 2 fresh syrup waffles

in a wonderful hotel gift-wrap.

Special designs are made in our studio, and even more, artist drawn or painted designs.

Wonderful digital personalized wraps are also possible.

Your own different room-gift?  We are glad to come up with new ideas.

For your hotel shop we have different wraps also printed in your own corporate identity. 

We are specialised in gift wrap and packaging solutions for companies who are proudly

related to Amsterdam, Holland.

Relations business gifts, staff and personnel gifts, as well as jubilee, events, Christmas and more.

We deliver these wraps filled with popular Dutch treats as well as empty.


Are you interest for selling unique Amsterdam Canal Houses drawn by Dutch artist?

We have drawn sets of four Amsterdam Canal Houses wrapped in cellophane.

                  Available is two different measurements.

Tourists can wrap their presents from Amsterdam /  Holland back home or use it for decoration.

We also added Amsterdam postcards to our program! And for Christmas we have a special edition. 

Enjoy watching the images.

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Amsterdam Gift Wraps is a brand of Visser Graphics, started 1988 in Cardboard productions. 

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Tel.: +31251205998

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Ronde Tocht 16, 1507CC Zaandam.

Chamber of commerce Amsterdam 35019756 

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